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Bring your projects to life with the ultimate home project visualization tools from Renoworks & Kudzu.  Book your free demo this month for a FREE TRIAL MONTH + FREE DESIGN CREDIT for Kudzu customers only!

Renoworks Pro for Kudzu: groundbreaking visualization software that turns a consultation into a signed contract.

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“Renoworks Pro replaces our "crystal ball." A homeowner photo regularly becomes a $40,000 remodeling contract approved, anticipated, and referred by a customer.”

–Jack Cooper, Custom Exteriors Inc.


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  • Take your own or use Google Streetview
  • Or send it to us & use our design service
  • Choose from over 250+ manufacturer libraries
  • Customize the surfaces you want to redesign
  • Share via email or printable report
  • Show the homeowner the final design on your tablet or laptop from their home

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What Homeowners Are Saying

“Your design creation is the best service ever. You helped us from making a costly mistake with the exterior of our home. I’m so glad I saw the design before I started construction. This is beyond anyone’s expectations. Your company is extremely cutting edge.”
– Carroll M., Homeowner

A Few Benefits
Find out how project visualization can help your customers (and your bottom line).

Transform even the most lukewarm prospects into enthusiastic, money-in-hand buyers by being the only contractor who can show them exactly what their projects will look like before they sign a contract. 

CLOSE MORE JOBS (A LOT MORE):  Renoworks Pro users increase close rates and sales by 60% or more... you'll join them.

GENERATE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN UPSELLS:  Allow the homeowners to see what you're asking them to pay for and add massive upsells to projects without any high-pressure sales tactics. 

LAND THE "WHALES:" Many affluent homeowners ($100K+ per year) use design services. Renoworks Pro allows you to compete in this ultra-lucrative market.

BECOME YOUR AREA'S PREMIER CONTRACTOR:  You will be recognized as the leading authority on remodeling in your area as you consistantly deliver stunning results.

ELIMINATE CHANGE ORDERS AND BAD CUSTOMER DESIGN: Your customers will be 100% happy with their product selections, so they'll never come to you with time-consuming change orders that back up your work schedule. 

GET BETTER REVIEWS & MORE REFERRALS: Homeowners love seeing their dream home come to life. You can help them make the best decisions up front so they're thrilled with the results. Your customers will be so impressed they'll tell everyone and their brother about you.

"When I use Renoworks for my in-home presentations, the “wow” factor from the customer is amazing!

Jeff Kunkle

Hoffman Weber Construction

"Do you have any idea how many times this product has paid for itself? That, coupled with the support I receive from your team at Renoworks makes this the best money I’ve ever spent on my business. Can’t say enough about this program!”

Sandy Nace

Northwest Building and Design

Paul Sacco

JM Door & Hardware

"Since using Renoworks Pro, I have increased my close rates and profit by 60%!

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Questions? Call us 800-284-0269 ext. 2

Questions? Call us 800-284-0269 ext. 2



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