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There are over 1.86 billion active monthly users on Facebook, and over 500 million users on sites like Twitter and Instagram. These platforms present vital marketing opportunities for the health and growth of your business.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Thousands of people use Kudzu every day to search for professional services. Our site lets customers read reviews, see photos of completed work, and look through project details to find someone to hire for their next project.

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76% of Facebook use the site every single day, allowing consistent, targeted exposure.  - Pew Research Center, 2016

70% of SEO professionals believe that social media marketing will only increase in importance in regards to business health and growth.

Businesses with ongoing social media ad campaigns garner 3.5 times more clients than those without.

Ongoing campaigns achieve more success because they have more time to optimize a campaign the longer it runs.


Social outlets have become an integral part of so many lives. These sites, designed for virtual connection, have become a well of opportunity for businesses. We will help you effectively reach out through professional content creation and social media management services so you have access to tools to measure your progress.

Our team will manage advertisements and promotional content posts through your company’s Facebook account and create high-quality, shareable content that’s specific to your business, your vision, and your voice.

Social media marketing also allows for incentivized marketing, like social coupons and online sweepstakes. By integrating creative campaigns into your social media marketing, you exponentially expand your clientele and see that exposure translate into revenue. We will manage your company’s Facebook page on your behalf, whether that means building new content and campaigns, or executing and effectively managing your existing social media campaign.

We will help you gather customer feedback through surveys, promote positive customer reviews, monitor feedback and help you publicly resolve customer service issues in a positive way.

Customer Feedback & Reviews 

76% of Facebook use the site every single day, allowing consistent, targeted exposure.  - Pew Research Center, 2016

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79% of search engine users say that they frequently click on the natural search results instead of the paid ads. We optimize your results and raise your ranking higher within an organic web search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Up to 80% of website traffic is generated from search engines

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. SEO strategies can help your business reach the first page of search engine results, leading to more exposure to online traffic.

Consumers trust Google’s reputation, so if your business appears on the first page of search results, they also think of it as more reputable.

75% of online users never scroll past the first page of search engine results, making first-page exposure vital to business growth.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that ranks your website higher on the search engine list by incorporating strategic alterations to your website. Making a keyword-list specific to your business is the first step. A good SEO strategist knows that high-quality content is just as important as strategically incorporating those keywords into the online content. High-quality content and readability increases the likelihood of naturally-generated traffic. 

We'll help you take your business to another level with custom software designed around your business goals.

Custom Software & App Development

Have an idea for a custom website or mobile application, but not quite sure how to get it started?  Our team will create custom software that can elicit incredible operational and sales benefits.

We have extensive experience in software development and app design. We can build you something industry specific, like a tool to produce designs for installing windows, estimates for insulating a house, a visualizer for roofing, a tool for measuring materials for a landscaping job, or something that supports your entire operation. Whether you need a small database to keep track of employee information, a large system to optimize your business processes, or integration with third party services – Kudzu will deliver something powerful.  

For most websites, only about 2% of web traffic will convert to profits on the first visit. For that remaining 98% of visitors, our Retargeting Ads can help you continue to reach your target audience well after they’ve left your website.

Retargeting Ads

Repetition is a key component to any kind of learning process. The same can be said of advertising. The more times an individual sees an ad or reference a specific business and its services, the more likely they are to remember the ad and engage with it. That’s the purpose of utilizing Retargeting Ads as an advertising channel.

Retargeting ads use simple code to anonymously follow individuals that click onto your site as they travel away from it and across the web. When consumers visit different websites where ads are being served, that code will detect and locate specific opportunities to display your ad. This means that visitors to your website will be thinking of you long after they’ve left.

Reach over 60,000 households in the Atlanta area advertising in Living Northside and Living Intown Magazines. Both magazines provide an insider’s perspective into the attractions and events in and around the unique neighborhoods of Atlanta. These magazines circulate with a high-end demographic in your neighborhood. .

Living Northside and Living Intown

Living Northside subscribers have an average annual household income of $142,000. 96% are homeowners, 71% have a college degree or higher, and 52% have a home value of $500,000

Living Intown subscribers have an average annual household income of $119,000. 94% are homeowners, 71% have a college degree or higher, and 66% have a home value of $500,000

Living Northside will expose you to homeowners in Alpharetta, Roswell, East Cobb, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, John’s Creek, Duluth, and more… 

Living Intown will expose you to homeowners in Buckhead, Smyrna, Vinings, Brookhaven, VA Highlands, Midtown, Grant Park, and more…

Visitors to your website will make snap judgements about the site’s overall appearance and visual layout—including the quality of photography and video content. High quality photos and video communicate professionalism.

Professional Photos & Video  

Video is expected to account for 69% of internet traffic in 2017, and is expected to grow as a key source for information as well as entertainment.

Video is considered the future of content marketing, with 64% of marketers expecting video to be a primary focus of their advertising strategies in the near future.

Side-by-side, an amateur eye can easily identify the difference between an ordinary photograph and a professional shot. Images evoke feelings more immediately than words, which is why having high-quality photography on your website is a huge component of a professional site. Alongside the layout, having quality photography associated with your marketing content helps potential customers take your image, and your business, much more seriously.

Video is becoming a more prominent component of successful online marketing. Kudzu can help you use montage-video to expose potential customers to your brand or to a specific campaign. We can also create a full-motion video, whether it's about a company event, the history of your business, or to share information about a specific individual connected with your company.

Customers will judge your business in less than 5 seconds based on what they see online. Your logo and branding help form that impression, and Kudzu’s logo designers make that impression both memorable and favorable.

Logos & Branding

A professional logo helps give you a boost against your competition, especially larger players in the same market.

A great, unique logo builds consumer trust and loyalty. 

Logos and branding are a visual representation of your business. Every time customers view this symbol, both current and potential, it reinforces a feeling or impression of what your business is and all that it encompasses. A professional logo is critical for brand marketing. A logo is meant to be instantly memorable—something that’s attractive and will remain in a customer’s mind long after seeing it. Successful branding is when your logo alone can communicate an entire feeling within the viewer. It doesn’t matter if this logo appears on a business card, a hat, a paper flyer, or as a standalone image – the logo resonates, which means your business does too.

We have designed over 50,000 custom logos for small businesses around the world. We’re also one of the only logo design companies that still offers complete custom-designed logos along with direct communication with our in-house designers. We do not outsource logo design. Our team of in-house professional designers works diligently and closely with your company’s vision to create a logo that properly represents you.

Advertising has taken a huge leap into the digital world. However, print media that can be received via direct mail continues to be the most trustworthy source of advertising in the eyes of consumers.

Direct Mail 

The wide range of print media that we offer at Kudzu is relevant to your business, in part because of the huge potential for direct mail marketing. You can write up a personal letter to a customer who has purchased a product, thanking them for their loyalty. If you have an upcoming promotion, you can mail consumers a postcard announcing the event that also lists a promotional code for them to use. The possibilities for direct mail marketing are boundless. Our account managers will help you generate promotional ideas for direct mail so you can see the benefits of the marketing strategy that still reigns as the most favored type of marketing by consumers.

The average annual household income of our site visitors is $100,000+.

93% of Kudzu consumers own their home.

55% of Kudzu consumers are planning a home improvement project in the next 6 months.
- CMG Research Group

Here's why over 70% of our businesses stay with Kudzu year after year...

We get more calls than we ever thought possible now that we have a website that shows up on smart phones.

Omar B, Marketing Manager

We didn't realize how much help we needed fixing our pay-per-click campaign until we talked to a Kudzu Expert. We've seen a huge sales life since we let them take over.

Matt R., Regional Manager

They do a terrific job, the customer service is fantastic, and they bend over backwards.

Eddie R., Owner


Having an online presence isn’t enough. The reality is that 80% of traffic for websites is generated through search engine queries where customers are looking for goods or services related to a specific topic, and sometimes to a specific location.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Up to 80% of website traffic is generated from search engines 

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on AdWords

Since you only pay when an ad is clicked, it’s easy to manage costs, track conversion and determine your return on your investment.

This number may sound like a problem, but Kudzu will help translate that into an effective marketing channel through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC can provide the fastest, highest quality consumer traffic to your business.

Search engines (like Google) only offer a select number of available space for ads that fall under a specific keyword search. Advertisers bid to have a site appear on the top of the Google results page when that keyword search is performed. When your ad does appear there, your website’s traffic potential increases. Every time your website’s link is clicked and a potential new customer visits your site, your business pays a set search engine fee.

Here’s some simple math: If you pay $3 per click for ten paid clicks, at a total cost of $30, and two customers out of those ten clicks each make $200 purchases, then that means you’ve made $370 more in revenue than you would have by spending nothing. We target the right keywords to make sure your site shows up, and we allocate a specific budget for a set amount of time so that you never overspend. All your traffic is quickly and accurately measured so that you see in detail how PPC is specifically contributing to new revenue. Our team helps you understand how to invest to achieve a specific goal.

The average click-through rate for organic ads is about 0.07%, while the average click-through rate for retargeted ads is 10 times that, at about 0.7%.

Website visitors who are retargeted with recurring ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

72% of online shoppers will likely abandon their online shopping carts prior to making a purchase. Without retargeting, only 8% of those shoppers will return to your site to complete their purchase.

 SEO specialists can help you implement a specific strategy for your website that targets your businesses specific needs and prioritizes those needs. If you’re a fan of your current website content but want to see that information optimized, an SEO representative can make smaller changes to help generate more natural exposure for your business through search engine queries. If you need an overhaul or additional content, we can deliver that too.

Of small business responders, approximately 56% of customers said that they found print marketing to be the most reliable type of marketing.

The most responsive group to direct mail advertising are young adults—individuals who are ages 24 and under.

92% of younger shoppers say that they prefer print mail marketing to other marketing styles as they prepare to make purchasing decisions.

Approximately 50% of small businesses in the United States have invested in a website. Websites are essential to your business’ health and growth. Kudzu can provide a website that’s easy to update, is mobile device-friendly, and that ranks highly in search engine results and content quality.

Responsive Web Design & Development

Having a website allows individuals to locate your business, learn about who you are, and connect quickly. Having a beautiful, responsive website makes all the difference. We incorporate SEO strategies, social media integrations, website analytics, and a design intended to optimize traffic to your website. This is all done so that when people search online for your services or products, they can find you easily and are more likely to respond.

Our content team will provide you with up to 15 pages of custom, high-quality content. We incorporate keywords relevant to your business into the content to help improve your organic traffic. At the same time, we maintain a high standard of quality with the written content so that you’re satisfied with how your business is represented.

Approximately 30% of small businesses without a website say that cost is a main factor, but Kudzu makes a great package incredibly affordable.

 66% of small business owners say that finding new customers is a top concern. Having a professional and responsive website can empower small businesses in that journey.

32% of small businesses invest only in social media marketing, drastically limiting their reach.


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–Dru Morgan, The Window Dude

Most business owners believe 80% of their customers are repeat. Our data shows that only around 20% of customers actually come back.

It costs 7-10x more to aquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

A current customer is 10x more valuable on average than a new customer. A loyal customer is 30x more valuable.

Stop missing out on revenue from repeat customers and build reviews faster than you ever thought possible. 

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Package Includes:

Full page print ad in Everything Home magazine, distributed to 100,000 high income homeowners, new movers and owners with houses over 10 years old.

6 months of KudzuPro, our new automated review generation tool

Email marketing to share your services with a hundred thousand Kudzu fans in Georgia 

Native article content on Kudzu.com 

Reach 100,000 more homeowners by including Everything Home as a part of your marketing strategy. Now more than ever people are using multiple media sources when making their home service decisions. By leveraging the credibility of Kudzu and our new multiplatform distribution, your message and offer will reach more Georgia homeowners. Space in each category is extremely limited. Email us at sales@kudzu.com to request more information. 

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