Stop missing out on revenue from repeat customers and build reviews faster than you ever thought possible.

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"More than any other service, Freshlime keeps my customers coming back for more." 

–Dru Morgan, The Window Dude


How It Works: Driving Repeat Business
A Few of the Benefits
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Automatically text, email and socially engage with your customers based on their behavior.

Build and scale positive online reviews.  Automatically request customer feedback and reviews via text and email automatically when you invoice a customer or by entering their phone number into your Kudzu Pro dashboard. 

Generate thousands of dollars in new revenue from repeat business each month. Increase the lifetime value of your customers and build loyalty through promotions and social engagement. 

Kudzu Pro is a "do it with me" solution, not do-it-yourself. You can sit back while we build your campaigns based on our marketing expertise.

Intelligent dashboards show results:  Dashboards show new reviews, average number of jobs, new revenue, revenue per job, jobs recovered, revenue recovered, % of repeat customers and where leads are coming from.

Most business owners believe 80% of their customers are repeat. Our data shows that only around 20% of customers actually come back.

It costs 7-10x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. 

A current customer is 10x more valuable on average than a new customer. A loyal customer is 30x more valuable.





A cutting edge product that helps you bring customers back and get hundreds of new reviews automatically.

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How It Works: Automatic Review Requests

Invoicing triggers a feedback request automatically (or you can simply enter the customer's phone number in your dashboard or send a quick text).

  • KudzuPro proactively reaches out to drive repeat business with custom messaging through text, email and social channels

  • Every customer behaves differently, and KudzuPro treats each customer individually by learning his or her behavior 

  • Our marketing experts will build campaigns and emails for you so you can focus on your own business


Intelligent dashboards prove success.

How It Works: Tracking Results
  • Requests feedback automatically based on invoicing, point of sale, or by entering the customer's number in your KudzuPro dashboard 

  • Sends negative feedback to leadership to address before the bad review goes online

  • Requests customers post positive reviews to Kudzu, Google, Facebook and more depending on your preference

  • Build reviews quickly, increase your SEO value and gain new customers

  • KudzuPro is integrated with hundreds of point of sale, invoicing, CRM and email systems
  • Easy-to-understand business intelligence through a dashboard that tracks marketing and shows results​ 

  • Find out where your customers are coming from with built in lead tracking 

  • Track your reputation across the internet with your reputation report

  • See each of your team member's ratings, reviews and complaints with a custom team report

  • Integrates with an exisiting CRM 

  • Our pricing is extremely competitive so you see return on your investment quickly

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